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German Proclamation

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Public proclamation, authentic, 18th century document. This one page document, circa 1795, measures approximately 7" x 12" in size. 

The document is printed in German and contains the printed signature names of Jardon, President and J.L. Graf, Secretary. It is entitled "Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood". 

It states that the people's representative Br. Pereson on June 13 proclaims that all public notes up to July 17 with assignments equal in worth against hard money will be duly honored, and all taxes will be at the rate which existed before the time of the victorious French Army, in assignment or in hard money according to the present 3 per pound. In the future, the central administration will advertise in the daily newspaper the Amsterdam Stock Exchange rate. 

This untranslated, one page document is contains no visible signature(s). It is in good to very good condition, with overall light toning. There are scattered creases, small tears and expected intersecting folds. 

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