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Francisco Javier Castanos, 1st Duke of Bailen

Vintage Document


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Official printed poem honoring Francisco Javier Castanos, 1st Duke of Bailen (22 Aril 1758 - 24 September 1852), Spanish General, authentic, document. This document contains the full text to an eight page poem (inlcuding cover page) and measures approximately 5" x 8"  in size and is dated circa 1808. 

Castanos is remembered for his victory over the French under Dupont, whom he surrounded and compelled to surrender at Bailen in 1808; after this he served under Wellington in several engagements, and was commander of the Spanish army, ready, if required, to invade France in 1815.

This untranslated, printed document is in good to very good condition, with overall light toning not affecting any of the wording. The left margin is frayed. The first page has also been completely torn from the rest of the document.

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