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Bulletin of the Grand Army

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Official printed bulletin of the French Grand Army, authentic, document. This two page document is approximately 8" x 9"  in size and is dated July 22, 1806. It contains very interesting details. These official bulletins were widely spread to the French citizenry informing them of important battles of the French Army as well as other military and political news.

The first page of the bulletin, issued by the printing house of Rue de la Harpe, is headlined "Official Details Bearing on teh Celebration of the Ceremonies which will take Place on August 15th (anniversary of the birth of Napoleon)". A Te Deum will be sung in all churches; a concert and illumination will take place at the palace of the Thuilleries and there will be free spectacles, etc.

On the second page, the closing paragraph states that the Minister of the Navy had just written a circular to announce to all the ports that peace had been signed on July 20 at Paris between France and Russia. This document had been signed by Brigadier General Clarke, Councilor of State of the Cabinet and the Councilor Oubril. The Admirals and Commandants at ports and his Majesty's ships are ordered to treat Russian ships as friends.   

The French Grand Army first came to be when Napoleon I renamed the army that he had assembled on the French coast of the English Channel for the proposed Invasion of Britain. The name was later re-deployed at the threat of the Austrian and Russian Armies and thereafter was used as the official name for all French army forces.

This printed document is in good to very good condition, with overall light toning not affecting any of the wording. The pages are held together at the left margin affixed to a stock piece of paper.

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