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Lot of three (3) original Tjuana bibles: 'Dixie Dugan in The Salesman' by Maida Mann, 'Boots in Saved' by Iva Biggun and 'Moon Mullins in Theme Songs' by Aiken Forett. Circa 1930-40s. Lot of 3.

Tijuana bibles are small, cheaply-made, pornographic publications. Also known as "dirty little books" or "eight-pagers," Tijuana bibles emerged in the 1930s and remained popular through the 1940s, finally disappearing in the post-World War II period. Being underground erotic publications, there were no designated publishers or organizations creating the books; despite that, each adheres to a fairly consistent format. They average about 3x5 inches in size, and are eight pages in length, bound between covers by a staple. Images are cheaply printed on poor-quality paper by mimeograph, usually in black and white, occasionally incorporating the color red. The book's cover also serves as a title page, introducing the main character and sometimes an author's pen name (which is usually a sexual double entendre). Nearly every bible is undated and by an anonymous author.

Each book features original wraparound cover. Side staple bound. Pages printed on one side only. Loose or detached pages. Some minor chipping and light oxidation and moisture staining to covers. Fragile, but in good condition. Each book appears complete and in full. Lot of 3. Sold 'as is.'

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