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Jacques Alexandre Bernard Law, Marquis de Lauriston

Autographed Letter


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Jacques Alexandre Bernard Law, Marquis de Lauriston (1 February 1768 - 12 June 1828), French soldier and diplomat of Scottish descent, authentic, autographed letter (LS). This one page letter measures approximately 7" x 9" in size and is dated November 4, 1804. It is affixed to a larger sheet of paper approximately 10" x 13" in size. the printed name of "Lauriston" is included in the bottom margin.

Included with this letter is an engraved print of Lauriston. This handsome print is approximately 5" x 8" in size. it includes the printed name of "Lauriston" below the print. The right margin of the engraved print is slightly frayed.

Lauriston was a distinguished Major General of the Napoleonic Wars. He fought bravely at the Battle of Wagram and Battle of Luetzen.

In 1797, he served as aide-de-camp to Napoleon Bonaparte at the time Napoleon was First Consul.

Lauriston's name is inscribed on the Arc de Triomphe.

This untranslated letter is crisply signed at the conclusion by Lauriston. It is in good to very good condition, with overall light toning not affecting the signature. There are scattered creases and expected folds.

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