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Mayor Jean Sylvain Bailly

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Jean Sylvain Bailly, (15 September 1736 - 12 November 1793), French astronomer, mathematician, freemason and political leader during the early stages of the French Revolution, authentic, autographed manuscript document (DS). The document is approximately 8" x 12" in size and dated March 4, 1790. It contains a small endorsement, "Vu Bailly", on a series of two orders bearing on the payment of the salary for a certain sum of money due to a Mr. Hudier for various missions he had accomplished. On the verso is a one line ADS of Hudier acknowledging receipt of the money. Bailly's note appears on the left blank margin.

Bailly was a noted astronomer that participated in the construction of an observatory at the Louvre. For his scientific avhievmeents, he was elected to the 31st Seat of the French Academy of the Sciences in 1763.

From 1789-1791 he served as Mayor of Paris. One of his more notable accomplishments as Mayor was passing a decree which declared all Jews as French citizens. Along with the Marquis de Lafayette, Bailly is considered to be one of the early heroes of the French Revolution.

However, in 1793 Bailly was arrested and, due to his refusal to testify against Marie Antoinette, he was sentenced to death by way of the guillotine. He was executed at Champs de Mars.

The four page, untranslated document is crisply signed at the conclusion by Bailly. It is in good to very good condition, with overall light toning not affecting the signature. The letter also contains scattered creases, small tears and expected intersecting folds.

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