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Alexandre-Antoine Hureau de Senarmont

Autographed Document


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Alexandre-Antoine Hureau de Senarmont (21 April 1769 - 26 October 1810), French artillery general, authentic, autographed document (ADS). This one page document measures approximately 7" x 9" in size and is dated January 20, 1805.

Senarmont was a French artillery general who was first commissioned in 1785. He is best remembered for his connection with the "case shot" attack which was a central feature deployed in many of Napoleon's military conflicts. When fired, this "shot" spread out in a conical formation, creating much destruction.

Senarmont first put this system into action at the Battle of Friedland. For this feat, he was made a Baron of the Empire and was later promoted to General by Napoleon.

The document is affixed to a larger sheet of paper which bears the printed name of "Senarmont" in the bottom margin. This one page, untranslated document is crisply signed by Senarmont and fully hand written by Senarmont himself. It is in good to very good condition, with overall light toning not affecting the signature.

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