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Frank Jewett Mather, Jr.

Autographed Signature


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Frank Jewett Mather, Jr. (1868 - 1953), professor at Princeton University, autographed vintage handwritten quotation (AQS). As a professor of  the Department of Art and Archaeology, he was also the university's first "modernist." 

Extracted from the pages of a 1902 Autograph Calendar book recovered from Orange Memorial Hospital, New Jersey, Mather added the following quote to a page with the printed date of May 14: "You courteously ask for a 'sentiment.' No sentiment immediately occurs to me except that of pleasure at the prospect of being auctioned off fractionally for your admirable charity. Frank Jewett Mather, Jr."

Measuring approximately 7.75 x 5, this autographed quotation is in overall fine condition, with light toning and a rough left edge from extraction.

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