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CD Framing Kit - Showpiece Display


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Custom Triple Matte 'Do It Yourself' CD Framing Kit. Includes pre-cut (4 windows) and assembled triple matte (white, black, white) with double sided tape adhesive, 1" black wood frame, backing board and plexiglass.

Get more out of your music!!! Recycle old, worthless CD packaging into wall worthy art displays.

Do It Yourself in 5 Simple Steps: 1. Select a CD. Remove artwork and compact disc from case. Please ensure the artwork has at least four panels you wish to display. 2. Use scissors or cutting blade to cut and separate each of the four panels from the rest of the artwork. 3. Use masking tape to secure into window on back side of the matte. Repeat for each additional panel. 4. Peel off layer of double sided tape centered on the top matte. Affix disc (printed side up and centered) directly on top of the remaining tape adhesive (Disc will be non-removable and non-playable once mounted). 5. Place matte with panels and disc facing down back into frame onto of plexiglass. Place backing board on top of back of matte outermost matte. Press down clips to secure matte. Hang new artwork on desired location.

Finished size is 16 x 16 inches to outermost edge of frame.

** CD artwork, compact disc, masking tape and scissors/cutting blade NOT included.

Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed

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